Offering worldwide coverage

CML offers worldwide coverage to our clients through our range of freight transportation services.

In our quest to offer the best possible service, we offer a range of road, sea and air freight services to ensure fast and reliable transportation across the globe.

Our business has been founded on working closely with all clients to ensure that we can identify the ideal solution for their individual requirements.

The size and scope of our company enables us to provide our full range of services in more locations that ever before and since 1994 have developed a unique insight into moving cargo internationally, but especially to, from and around the African continent.

Strengthening our position

As an ambitious company, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the level of service we provide and are confident that our experienced and knowledgeable team are able to meet this challenge.

Contact CML today and let our team work with you to identify and put into place the most cost effective service for your individual requirements.