(herein referred to as CML)



  • Suppliers and their employees are required, as a minimum standard, to comply with all the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate. This includes compliance with laws prohibiting any form of bribery and corruption.
  • We expect suppliers not to engage in, nor be a party to, agreements, business practices or conduct that, as a matter of law, are anti-competitive and to act with integrity in all business dealings.

Fair business behaviour

  • Suppliers will not participate in personal and/or public activities that are intended to damage CML’s business interests or reputation.
  • Suppliers must not offer, promise, give, demand or accept bribes or other unprincipled advantage, insisting and ensuring that others working on their behalf act lawfully and ethically and in accordance with the values and standards set out in this Code.
  • Suppliers must work in partnership with CML and other associated parties, treating all those in the supply chain and customers with due respect. This way we can meet the expectations of our customers and maintain high service levels.


  • Suppliers must respect the physical property, equipment, confidential information, data and any other tangible or intangible assets from but not limited to CML, our customers and other suppliers.

Employees (Health and Safety)

  • Suppliers must treat all employees with respect and dignity, practice good communications with employees and contribute to healthy, safe and secure work environments. In so doing, they must remain committed to conducting all activities in a manner that attains the maximum practicable standards of Health and Safety.


  • Suppliers should respect the environment and must ensure that, as far as is reasonably practicable, any harmful effects from its activities, products and services upon the environment are minimised.

Controls and adherence

  • Suppliers should practice full assessment and management of risk, including stringent systems of internal control. It should be ensured that all risk is managed effectively and reported results are true.
  • The CML Supplier Code of Conduct should apply throughout suppliers and their subsidiaries. It should be translated where necessary and provided to all concerned employees.

NB: This code of conduct is not intended to replace any Suppliers existing trading conditions and policies, or those of its subsidiary businesses. We would expect this Supplier Code of Conduct to serve as a guidance document to which your internal policies must adhere.

REF: CML/SCC/DY-01012020