Air cargo

If time rather than cost is the primary factor for your delivery, air freight may offer the perfect solution.

A key part of our logistics service is our ability to deliver air freight. Air freight is likely to offer the quickest and most efficient way of doing so.

The size of packages transported by air often varies between small packages and shipping pallets. However, due to the cost and time constraints, air freight is particularly well suited to small/medium sizes packages.

The air freight services available from CML LTD offers an express method of delivering any high value, low volume items which need to arrive at their destination quickly.

The benefits of air freight include:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Reliability
  • Area of coverage
  • Security
  • Reduced storage needs
  • Easy tracking

For more information about our air freight services, please contact our team on Tel. No. +44 (1883) 730333 or via today.

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